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Tamil Nadu

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Nice folks in Tamil Nadu




Hello. I'm Ravi, working as a senior creative designer at a MNC. My online space is at http://www.itsRavi.com . I can offer a bed and broadband Internet. Constraints: I come back home from office at late evening. Mail me enter@itsravi.com


Hi, namez anoop. am a 24 yr old guy working with an IT company, love travelling,photography( see some of my stuff on http://www.flickr.com/photos/chittumelo ), conversation and a couple of beers. Stay at a place thats about 9 kms from chennai. can put up any one who shares common intrests....

Mail me chittumelo@gmail.com




~ Ganesh here! This is Ganesh blogging @ Stock Blog. I live at Guindy (RaceCourse), so if you are making a trip to Chennai, you are always welcome to stay in my house. I live with my wife and kid. You can stay with one condition you have to take care of my 5 month old during nights....! Mail me sganeshatgmaildotcom


~ Hey Guys! This is Vinay blogging @ Dreamchaser's Blog. I live at Kodambakkam (Kollywood), so if you are making a trip to Chennai and anyone who would love to stay anywhere near my locations can contact me and I would be delighted to help you out for your stay. And oh yea, I can help you with an Internet connection. Would like to lend my laptop for your stay too ;)! Mail me dreamchaseratgmaildotcom or buzz my mobile at(0)98410 27111


~ Hiiii! I'm Ezhil blogging @ Organic SEO Blog. I'm an SEO Professional living at Anna Nagar, Chennai with my wife and kid. So if you are visiting Chennai, please contact me at ezhil @ uptrendhits.com let me know.


~ I'm Manoj blogging at http://www.manojkumar.in . Looks like a good community work and I'm happy to contribute what I can. I would be more than happy to host you. I live 10 kms away from the center of Chennai (AMBATTUR) and I'm sure people would like its pleasant location and pollution-free environment (atleast comparitively). Can provide a single room, unlimited internet (wired or Wifi), a desktop PC (if u dont bring ur own laptop), an attached bathroom, music, a color TV with all popular channels and wat else... South Indian food is not an issue but I can't guarantee a kitchen if u wanna cook urself... NO TIME HASSLES... NO SMOKING... Afterall, my home is an non-alcoholic zone but I'm NOT ;)... Buzz me on (0)9840953755 or mail me at findmanu@gmail.com


~ I'm Murali(a.k.a Don) of Raves at Opportune Moments. Crashees can email me at donthecatatgmail.com. Can provide a room, Single Bed, Internet, Classic Rock and breakfast. No time hassles. You gotta adjust to the way we live, cool and easy. :-)


~ My name is Ganesh APP and I blog at http://gapp.wordpress.com. I live in a three bed-room flat in Adyar. Since my parents are living abroad, I live here alone most parts of the year. I am happy to host you. There are a couple of rooms - with extra beds, attached bathroom. there is also wired net, washing machine etc. which you can make use of. But food is something which I can't guarantee you. But there are a lot of good hotels near by :) You can reach me at sagaro{@}gmail.com


~ This is Kiruba Shankar and I blog at http://www.Kiruba.com. I'm more than happy to host you. For starters, I started this site! I live in a small house with my family. Our house may be small but our heart is big. We have both wired broadband and WiFi. I have a cycle and a bike which you can use if I'm not using it that day. We'll also help with the laundry. You can reach me on my mobile at (0)98415 97744 or email me at kiruba@kiruba.com.


~ My name is Mahendran and I blog at http://www.rajamahendran.blogspot.com. I live with my family and have a separate room for me. It's well equipped with all the basic necessities, unlimited Internet & water (This is Chennai, you know). You can just shoot me a mail at mahendran.balan@gmail.com or SMS me at 98415 55505.


~ My name is Anish Raju and I blog at http://www.quizlab.blogspot.com I live with my family in a house with plenty of room for like minded visitors, and an eclectic collection of books. Mail me at anishraju@gmail.com or SMS me at 98840 50090.


~ This is Adi and I blog at http://www.mysorean.com. A Mysorean's house is simple and keeps doors open to people always. And I am no different, just that I am based out of Chennai at present! If you are dropping into Chennai and find Ashok Nagar to be a convenient place for you, then be assured that you have a home there. Please mail me at n.aditya@gmail.com so that I can give you the how-to-get-there map! Vanakkum! ;)


~ Sriram V Iyer - http://www.readsriram.blogspot.com. I'd be glad to meet and host new folks. I reside at Tara Gardens on the OMR just five minutes away from TIDEL Park. Its a 2-BHK apartment with essential amenities. You can dial in to me on +91 98405 87187 or email me at sriramlives@gmail.com.


~ Sarathy - http://parthasarathy.wordpress.com. I will be extreemly to happy to have you as guest. living in a 2BR flat in Tansi Nagar Velachery. Broadband (shortly going for wireless within house !), TV...

no cooking, but can provide good veg (thanks to nearby Uduppi Krishna Mess). No non-veg, No smoking & No drink pls. you can reach me at rps.sarathy @ gmail . com or call 98404 24640, really I can make your stay a pleasant one chennai. thanks to Kiruba for such a great idea.


~ Shumit Vatsal -The name is Shumit...a room with landline connection and free food can be offered. Email me at shumit.vatsal@gmail.com...www.shumtivatsal.blogspot.com


~ Hi,this is Ravishankar and you can read me at http://biotechnologist2020.blogspot.com and http://mrjatropha.blogspot.com .Am staying near Tambaram .If you would like to take my ExtraBed,you can always reach me at biotechnologist20@gmail.com or catch me at 9840526816.Hope to meet you soon.


~ Hi. I am Radhakrishnan C Nair, blogging at http://www.peakdayblues.com. I can offer cozy comfort for visitors with a broadband connection, a kitchen fully stuffed at your disposal... I'm married and stay with my wife, so even the lady bloggers are welcome!


~ Hi! I am Nandhu Sundaram, blogging at http://phoenixflicks.blogspot.com. I am a bachelor living with two other roommates in Triplicane. My email is nandhu.sundaram@gmail.com. Mobile: 98417 12854


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I am Tallada Kishore, all are calling me 'mama', you also can.

I am doing MBA in NIT-T.

I may not offer a cozy comfort, but i can offer my room in NIT-Trichy for couple of days. I am truly inspired by Kiruba's speech in our campus.

You can reach me at tallada_kishore@rediffmail.com (or) tallada kishore in Orkut.



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This is Arun living in a house near Beach with my 2 friends.Doing my final year of college. I run three Blogs Stock News , Stock Robot , Health


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